Upcoming Events

Past Events
05/20/20 Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame, Grand Rapids, MI
03/27/20 Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, NY
03/20/20 University of Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
03/19/20 Northland College, Ashland, WI
03/14/20 Buffalo Art Museum, Buffalo, NY
10/30/19 City of Oberlin, Oberlin, OH
10/09/19 SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
09/22/19 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture: Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, PA
07/23/19 Reporter Convening on Plastic Pollution, Bennington, VT
06/19/19 Portage Sewer Water Conservation District, Kent, OH
06/11/19 International Association of Great Lakes Researchers Annual Conference, Brockport, NY
06/10/19 Carthage Middle School, Carthage, NY
06/08/19 Save The River, Clayton, NY
05/02/19 Westminster College, Wilmington, PA
05/01/19 Women for a Healthy Environment, Pittsburgh, PA
04/27/19 Erie Earth Day Celebration, Erie, PA
04/22/19 Earth Day @ SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY
03/28/19 Impacts of Microplastics in the Urban Environment Conference, New Brunswick, NJ
03/22/19 Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Erie, PA
03/07/19 Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Lecture Series, Alpena, MI
03/06/19 Northwest Ohio Litter Summit, Toledo, OH
02/22/19 International Food Journalism Conference, Turin, Italy
02/04/19 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
02/02/19 Save The River Winter Conference, Clayton, NY